If someone is interested how my latest works are done this is the process of making yesterday’s picture ‘Summer Town’. Lately I’ve been doing my works differently. I often use background images made by artists on pixiv and blend them with sims screenshots. Almost all of the pics in-game are made on green/red/blue screen so I just cut them out, adjust the size and play with them in photoshop. 

If you want to see the process of making any other works of mine (preferably one of the recent ones), message me and I’ll see, what I can do! :D

Fanservice for my dear friend. Don’t mind his arm, okay? JUST pure fanservice.

Fanservice for my dear friend. Don’t mind his arm, okay? JUST pure fanservice.

bekisims said:
To create the previews for Maron's asian set did you you photoshop in the backgrounds for the bridge, the roofs and the tunnel, are they screengrabs from another game or...? Sorry if you don't want to give away your secrets haha, I'm just truly blown away by those pictures.

Oh no, it’s totally fine! Yeah, the background pictures are not from sims at all, nice you spotted it :p Big bridge, lamps on the rocks, stone lamps, towers, stone dragons and the gong-things have backgrounds from Blade&Soul. Gargoyles, mini-bridge, stone plates and lanterns have backgrounds from skyrim, while the big bell and the stone plinths have pics from Age of Wulin. Here’s an example: 

Thank you <3 

Sophie’s photos ‘before and after’ magic!

Reply for inspiration-parfait! I don’t know why but I’ve wanted to receive a message like that. I chose photos from the ‘old pub’ and one from the ‘silently’ set. 

Original picture in-game (resized):

After the magic is done:

Again, original one, only resized:

After editing too much:

Strangely enough, I always love the original pictures while I hate the final outcome. But when I compare them I think I did a pretty good job there :D I hope you will stay with me even after the secret is revealed…

Thanks for the ask, inspiration-parfait!

(1/2?) Some of my previews I made for Maron and her beautiful asian gift set! Go grab it here. You won’t regret it, I’m sure :D 

After 3 weeks of absence all I can make is a quickie. So have two random pictures of post-apocalyptic world. It doesn’t look as grungy as it should though.

Old pub’s turned into a house.