A bit of nostalgia: some sims I created two years ago and this shot- for some reason or another I used to think, that she looks like from some different game than sims. Probably an action video game. Re-did the photo and put here~

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Because I have to study. So have some of my unwanted sims.

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Into the light.

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Two worlds in one’s mind.

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Your bath is ready, sir.

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II Symbiosis Close and often long-term interaction between two or more different biological species

For this prompt I decided to make a nature spirit or something close to that idea. Immortal souls who wander around the world live in harmony with humans.It’s even more than only harmony and peace: they also help them recover from serious illnesses or rescue from dangerous situations caused by nature (for example -natural disasters). The only thing that can make them dissappear is human’s forgetfulness. Their shrines are abandoned or made into tourist attractions. Fortunately, there are a few old grandmas who visit them and pass this tradition onto their children.

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I Juxtaposition

Contrasts and differences shown side by side or together.

Black hair and white milky skin are only external differences. Her soothing personality contrasts with how harsh she can get when someone insults her family or a closest friend. She would never raise her voice because of some trivial matter.

Yep yep, doing April Sims Challenge.

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Following the railway.

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Faraway, faraway 
The shadow of past days 
Looks for the light.

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And I can be free.

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Bedroom belongs to x.

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Nameless girl for GoS’ April Sims Challenge.

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Silently spreading her wings.

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Silently rising.

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Mr. Irving for March Sims Challenge over at GoS.

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