Faraway, faraway 
The shadow of past days 
Looks for the light.

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And I can be free.

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Bedroom belongs to x.

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Nameless girl for GoS’ April Sims Challenge.

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Silently spreading her wings.

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so to celebrate reaching 1000 followers, i decided to giveaway my ps4!! (also because i have 2 lol)


  • must be following me
  • ONE LIKE AND ONE REBLOG PER BLOGGER. they both count.  this changed because i realized people were reblogging themselves A LOT, and the 3 extra entries (see bottom) were pretty useless then.  
  • NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS. i will be checking your archives.
  • Be comfortable with me posting your url as proof :-)
  • Be comfortable with giving me your address so i can ship it to you
  • I will be shipping worldwide!
  • I will pick ONE winner. If they do not respond within 24hrs, i will pick another.
  • i will be picking the winner on APRIL 15TH 2014.


  • PS4 and everything it comes with (400$ value)
  • Battlefield 4 (60$ value)
  • FIFA 14 (60$ value)
  • Assasin’s Creed IV Black Flag (60$ value)


FOR extra entries, you can use my featurepoints code which is QU7R5G.

If you do not know what featurepoints is, it is simply an app on which you try out apps for points. After reaching a certain amount of points you can exchange them for REAL money. The more people who use your code, the easier it is to get points. IF YOU USE MY CODE PLEASE MESSAGE ME. (i will check :] )


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Silently rising.

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Mr. Irving for March Sims Challenge over at GoS.

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Silently falling.

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You are so amazing... I love everything that you do

Thank you so so much! It always means so much to me! ( ˘ ³˘)❤

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Silently dancing in the rain.

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Ghosts hidden in the wood. Interior Lookbok.

Following the images:

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Flower District of my Asian-styled city. Shrine, a few houses and a small river.

Something to create some asian mood.

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Hi there! I was looking trough your house design and I was wondering where I could find the hamper in this post: post/69405149869/youchis-little-apartment-the-rest-of-it-will-be and the lights in this one(third picture): post/77830151682/an-old-factory-is-just-a-perfect-place.

Lights: if you are talking about the hanging lamp, it’s from servitu bathroom by murano on tsr. If it’s about the candles, they’re by Yolartut here.

From youchi’s apartment: Basket for a broken bathroom by Guatla on MTS2.

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600 Followers! Interior Lookbook. 

Pretty useless, isn’t it? Almost everything is by Adele. I hope it helps a little and look forward to the next Interior Lookbook!

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